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    PollWatch helps you improve voting by reporting your voting experience.

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    Worth noting: Pollwatch is a non-partisan organization. We won't sell your information and only use it to contact you if we need to follow up n an issue you had while voting. We may share it with our non-partisan sister organization, Election Protection.

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    About PollWatch

    PollWatch is a non-partisan project aimed at allowing all citizens to report on their voting experience. It was made by Common CauseNY, Websava, and Reboot. It was formed at the Personal Democracy Forum hackathon, where it won first place.

    How it works

    PollWatch is three steps:

    1. Find your Polling Place
    2. Vote
    3. Report what you saw!

    What's the hotline?

    The hotline is manned by Common Cause and Election Protection Volunteers, who are dedicated to helping make sure elected officials are held accountable.

    Where does my report go?

    PollWatch helps you improve the sometimes laborious process of voting by reporting your voting experience to non-partisan election advocates, who can in some cases provide you with direct assistance, and in other cases forward any reported issues, either individually or in aggregate to the board of election or other organizations that can help resolve the issues.

    • We will post the text of your comment, as well as the polling location it is associated with on our visualizations section. We will not post your email address, twitter handle, or phone number.
    • While optional, we request your phone number or email address in order for one of our pollwatch volunteers to contact you directly: in some cases, we need more information to help resolve your case, such as if you have a complaint that your Board of Elections should resolve or act on.
    • We may offer the number to our sister organization, the similarly non-partisan Election Protection organization to contact you.

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